As of Monday 27 March 2020, we will be temporarily closed for food orders. We will still offer free local delivery of our weekly wine specials (see below)... we will update everyone as the situation changes.

Afternoon everyone,


Well, we really tried to work out how to do food takeaway / home delivery in a safe, sustainable way, but have decided that we can’t.


Despite all the hygiene protocols we put in place, limiting staff numbers in the various work areas etc etc we could just see too many gaps where infection could pass to anyone. With the number of people already sick and / or in isolation in our area, and with the peak looming ever closer (possibly May or June ?) we feel that closing is the responsible and correct thing to do.


Very sad, and a real wrench, particularly in having to let go all of our wonderful staff. We are really hoping we will have them all back when this is over!


We will certainly be ready and raring to go when we get the green light, with Tony Barber, wine dinners, Sunday night pizza’s etc etc all back on the agenda.


In the interim we can continue to offer free local delivery of our weekly wine specials, or special individual bottles from our wine-lists. This week we have 3 wines for you to enjoy in isolation ! Simply email your order to villagecafeflinders@gmail.com or text / ring 0416 178 547 and we will get it organised for you.


Please stay safe and well, and we so look forward to getting our village back to normal !


Angela & David Marshall

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